Terms & Conditions

Vérité Productions, LLC is committed to the satisfaction and security of its customers and d staff. Accordingly, all of our video projects are subject to the following terms of use, which may only be waived through explicit notation in an invoice prepared by Vérité Productions, LLC.

1. Payment Terms:

a. 50% Deposit Due Upon Booking
b. 50% Due Upon Final Delivery

2. Deliverables:

a. Videos are delivered as digital files and/or DVD discs.
b. Raw footage (unedited footage) is only delivered if delivery of raw footage is specifically requested by a customer and explicitly noted in an invoice prepared by Vérité Productions, LLC.

3. Cancellation Policy:

a. All cancellations within 48 hours before a scheduled video shoot or video editing job are subject to full charge. Meaning, deposits will not be refunded and customers agree to pay the remainder of the price of the project. Payment for work that is not completed due to cancellation by a customer within 48 hours before a scheduled shoot may only be waived by the explicit grant of Vérité Productions, LLC.

4. Editing

a. Editing work that is requested by a customer, but which is not described in a prior invoice, shall be subject to additional fees. Such additional editing work shall include changes, which were not already discussed, to a video for which editing work has been completed.