Video Editing / Post-Production Services

No film is ever complete without a little post-production magic in the editing room. Whether you’re looking for that super-polished professional feel or for something a little more rough around the edges, our master video editors can mix, match, and re-master for a look and feel unique to your project. Widely regarded as the go-to post-production video editing software, Final Cut Pro allows our editors the flexibility of free movement during the shooting process with a full suite of tools to fit the pieces together in the post-production phase.

Looking for that extra professional finish? Our post-production team is well-versed in Avid technologies, the post-production software used by professionals in big-budget filmmaking for the most professional looking films out today.

Rounding out our set of post-production software is the Adobe Suite, including: Premier, After FX, and Photoshop. Adobe’s full suite of tools affords more modest filmmakers a comprehensive set of tools to prep and polish your film, before release. No matter the technology used for your project, our dedicated team of post-production wizards will take the time to fine-tune every last detail, ensuring we deliver on our mission statement: to deliver your message in the most beautiful way possible, on time and on budget.