Leveraging Corporate Video Production To Reach Consumers Online

In today’s crowded business landscape, it’s important to find new inventive ways to stick out from the pack. The majority of consumers now find new businesses through the internet; through search engines, directory sites and through social media. Many consumers are now also new businesses on the go – through their smart phones and tablets – and these trends are only rising.

At the helm of this new ecosystem are the internet marketers. These tech-savvy businessmen are always coming up with new tools and technologies to help them find the right audience and target them effectively. Setting up your website, social media pages and directory listings are a great start and a must-do for any business today. These tools will all help your business rise in search engine rankings, meaning your potential customers can find you on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. But just because a consumer can find your business doesn’t mean they will be interested. It’s crucial that you engage with your audience and turn those window shoppers into customers.

The hottest way to do that is through a method known as content marketing. Content Marketing means using content with value (white papers, pictures, videos) to help promote a product or service. Digital marketers are leveraging content marketing to engage with their audience and provide real value instead of just delivering one-way sales messages. Customers today are savvy – they can see through old school sales tactics and they crave something more genuine. If you can create genuine content that provides value, the customers will come.

Early on, markets would create white papers and webinars meant for individual and instant consumption. But with social sharing in mind, marketers now make use of videos, which can be easily digested and shared across social media. Video is the number one consumed form of media on the web today and that trend is continuing on mobile as well. Videos can be fun and engaging and people love sharing them with their friends and followers.

Videos can keep current and potential customers informed on new product and service updates, tips, use cases, case studies and more. By sharing your videos on social media, users will be encouraged to share your videos with their friends, driving word of mouth and peer recommendations that money can’t buy.

Vérité Productions, LLC helps savvy business owners across the greater NYC area and around the world alike reach their target audience and engage like never before – and the business results are real. Our corporate videos have helped businesses of all kinds drive sales, revenue and ultimately long-term business growth. With years of experience and a talented team of experts across all elements of video, we are ready to put your business into video. Ready for a quote? Contact us today at info@videoproduction-nyc.com or by phone at 929-224-2354. Or, visit us on the web at http://www.videoproduction-nyc.com/

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